Prologue Edit

Recruited for Great Mundus Crusade to Gladius sector by Lord Commander Venstrap.

Start on Hive world Plymark, in a hood bar when a Chimera with loud speakers rolls up outside and plays this speech:

Venstrap's speech (posh English accent):

Attention Guardsman!

You who have grown up in the smog and the grime of the underworld of Plymark's great hives may have thought that your lives would continue the way they started, dirty, small, and insignificant.

It is my great pleasure to tell you that this will not be the case! Where before your life was empty and void of all purpose, you have now have most meaningful honour of all - that of service to the God-Empororer of mankind!

You have all volunteered to join the XXXIIIrd Plymarkian Grendadiars, and join the greatest crusade the Gladius Sector has seen in the last thousand years. We will bring the light of the Emperor to those huddlling suffering masses living in the dark across countless worlds. And free them from the scourge of the Xenos and the heretic alike.

At 0800 tomorrow you will assemble at the barracks of Plymark Primus spaceports and be taken to your transports.

For the Emperor!

After this speech the party can speak with each other in the bar. NPCs they can interact with:

Barkeeper - firmly pro imperial, tells them how lucky they are

Scared recruit - not ready to go but also doesnt want to be a heretic

Gung-ho keen recruit - says he can finally see his brother again who has been too busy to write

Can go shopping in the market

-weapons available: any non power melee, stub guns, autopistols/rifles

-sights for weapons

-medical stuff


The next day they take off from Hive world Plymark on Light Cruiser Agrippa on way to muster Hamkemp system.

They arrive at the barracks with thousands of others, The Agrippa looks old and worn, with clear signs of wielding and repair on the outer hull.

They can see the tip of the hive emerge from the brown wasteland around them, as they takeoff this encompasses the entire skyline, but it quickly shrinks to a small needle sticking out of the ground, like a scab across the surface of this ruined world.

Party wake in middle of the night to daemons attacking Agrippa.

In the middle of the night you hear a single scream, and decide to go back to sleep. Minutes later you hear more screaming and decide to go and investigate.

Upon leaving quarters they meet Lieutenant Keen (gruff and no nonsense) who takes them to the armoury across the corridor.

However as soon as the party is armed a wailing starts playing through the speakers stating the self destruct has started.

Keen hurries party to a shuttle - en route they find Astropath Gonzales bleeding on the floor with 2 daemons standing over him.

Keen says 'That vile beast might look intimidating, but it is no match for cold Imperial steel' and draws a laspistol and chainsword charging.

Rescue Astropath Gonzales and run to shuttle.

Shuttle drops out of warp in an unknown system

Land on unknown planet in shuttle

Don’t know where they are, but scans taken by shuttle as it crash lands reveal they are on a sparsely populated planet, on an island.

Shuttle crashes in dense arctic forest, with small settlement on bay of sea to the east (half a days travel), large estate to the south (3 days travel).

Lieutenant Keen is ok but Astropath Gonzales is heavily injured and unconscious.

Part one - making way to a town Edit

Lieutenants’ vox caster making crackling static noises but nothing coming through

Lieutenant orders the party to head east to the closer settlement as astropath has suffered an injury

2 encounters as they travel to settlement:

- one with giant bears (2 big and a cub) - Bears ambush and NPC lieutenant to be killed

- one with hunters (3) (not aggressive unless party is)

Part two - in Vlistolstock Edit

Arrive in town, turns out to be called Vlistolstock

Design town and npcs – what can they buy?  Where are they staying?  Who are cultists?

-        Town is a giant bear fur hunting settlement, only accessible by old track through the woods or by boat or air

The proprietor of wherever they stay should be a cultist – there needs to be a definite small town vibe when they enter the settlement.

When in town and settled for the evening the astropath has a seizure – receives communication from Lord Commander Hutchins of great crusade:

-        Entire regiment assembled from Hive world Plymark was destroyed by creatures of the warp. 

-        They are on a small moon in the same system as a forge world planet – Kierons world in Dolnar system

-        They are to make their way to the governors residence and debrief the local authorities on what they experienced in transit.  The governor is in Kierons Landing, the large estate on the south of the island.

Part three - travelling Edit

As they leave town the party may notice they are being followed – it is a little boy who asks them if they are space marines.

Later on as the party settles for the evening they may notice they have been followed again, this time they are ambushed by strange men (cultists)

Part four - arriving and speaking to governor Edit

Governor Bartholomew Kieron (nephew of forgeworld governor) explains about presence of cult on planet, and his repeated pleas for help from the imperial authorities

Governor's agents have found where the cult is worshipping, but he lacks the resources to go and eradicate them, asks the party to help

Part five - governor's mission - it's a trap! Edit

In which the party go to loghouse to destroy cult

cult waiting in ambush for party to arrive

Part six - going to deal with the governor Edit

Arrive just as governor trying to escape

The governor has a chained up astropath that was being forced to take part in chaotic rituals

Party must use him to call for help from imperium

Then kill the heretic

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